Instilling Confidence

Through Sports...

At Fravashi International Academy, physical activities and exercises to enhance the agility, stamina, sportsmanship and team-work of the student are sincerely implemented to develop the mind and body.

A cricket ground, fields for soccer and hockey, volley ball courts, an indoor hall for table tennis, an eight lane 400 meter athletic track for field and track events with a covered grandstand seating for 2000 spectators, two tennis courts, two basket ball courts, a state of art squash court, a gymnasium, multipurpose hall for yoga, aerobics & chess; meditation tower, a 10 m small arm indoor shooting range, Point 2 outdoor shooting range, obstacle training course, swimming pool, boxing rink, skating rink reflect the seriousness towards sports as these are some of the best in our country.

The FIA students wholeheartedly participate in various annual leagues such as Cricket, Soccer, Swimming, Boxing, Badminton, Basket Ball, Athletics and Indoor games not only to showcase their sporting abilities but also to dedicate their efforts in these leagues to save the environment as each league is dedicated and named after a burning issue related to the environment.

sports-activity of FIA

Inspiring Creativity Through

Art, And Crafts...

A wide spectrum of visual and performing arts are taught at Fravashi International Academy in its well equipped Music and Art Studio. Drawing & Painting, Pottery, Collage-Making, Papier-Mache, Origami, Thermocol Craft, Quilling, Pencil Sketching are some of the forms taught to the students. Madhubani, Warli, Gonda, Sara and different kinds of Rangoli created by students and the tutors adorn the walls and floors of the school on various occasions throughout the year.

Instruments like keyboard, guitar, and a wide range of drums e.g Acoustics, Virtual, Congo, Flute, Tabla, Harmonium along with Indian Classical Music are taught here.

Arts and Crafts-Activity of FIA

Inspiring Creativity Through

Music and Dance...

Western and Indian Music styles are taught to students under the tutelage of several members of the Music Team to develop their skills and musical appreciation. At FIA students are encouraged to participate in Annual Day, Grandparents Day, Family Fun Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Secularism Day, Colour Days, Support Staff Day, Security Staff Day, Teachers’ Day etc. to develop their confidence on stage.

The various dance forms reflect the rich culture of any civilization and develops the posture, concentration and confidence of the learner. We have integrated dance and music classes in the daily time table of each grade.

Folk Dances such as Garba, Bhangra, Ghumar, Bhihu; Indian Classical dances such as Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Mohiniatyam & Kathakkali; and Western Dances such as Salsa, Contemporary Hip-Hop, Jazz , Western Ballet are few of the dance forms that students at Fravashi International Academy get to learn from the expert faculty.

music and Dance Activity of FIA

Student Clubs

Each and every student has to be a member of at least one of the clubs.

  • CCA Club
  • Photography Club
  • Film Club
  • Club Internet Club
  • Astronomy Club
  • Riding Club
  • Sanskrit Club
  • Nature Club
  • History & Civics
  • Science Club
  • Arts and Craft Club
  • Public Speaking
  • Current Affairs Club
  • Comedy Club
  • Shooting Club
  • Literature Club
  • Interact club
  • NMUN
  • Sports leagues
  • Industrial visits
  • Cultural Fest
  • Science Exhibition
  • Workshops
  • Quiz & GK Club
Students Club of FIA