Leadership Skills

Many aspects of cultural diversity can influence oral hygiene routines and workshops are an effective way to share oral health knowledge. This Work shop was conducted to educate kids about recommendations to emphasize on initial steps of oral self-care for better oral hygiene behaviour embedded into their life style.

The work shop on the health and hygiene was conducted to teach & create awareness of its importance in students and motivate them to ensure healthy practices are followed among the students. This work shop was focused to help students learn the various ways to maintain the health and hygiene within the classroom environment.

FIA Conducted Goal settings sessions for its Senior grade students to help them in short term motivation and long term vision for their life. We explained the benefits of Goal setting as it helps student focus on acquisition of knowledge and manage time to make most of their life by having measurable progress and have success benchmarks.

FIA conducted Teacher training workshops to help tutors make teaching more effective & exciting for student using various ways to increase student participation of students. The session was dedicated for Tutors to make fravashi classrooms more interactive & interesting for better learning. The session enabled the tutors to learn ways to organize the students in their classroom. It's obvious that good teachers are better at teaching students and groom them for successful future.

This workshop was conducted with objective to help parents guide their children in the right way and helps in discovering their strength and passion. This was also designed with a perspective to help parents in raising a happy, high self-esteem Child as every child is different and pressure of expectations affects students growth and development on many occasions. The parents were taught basic skills of listening to their children’s independent opinions, and engage in healthy debate to help them share what’s in their mind. Respecting the privacy of the children, creating an comfortable atmosphere to allow child share their problems with their parents openly.

The objective of Stress management workshop was to enable our children with insight about the causes & effect of stress. Also, demonstrating and teaching them the techniques of how to de stress themselves. With the increased pressure from their parents, peers and even their expectation from self to succeed in their academic life this workshop is the need of the hour. De stressing techniques taught during the session were intended to help students find ways in overcoming the difficulties and enhance their concentration, knowledge and performance.

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