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The Best International Cambridge School in Nashik

Fravashi International Academy, is a Cambridge curriculum school in Nashik, which follows the CAIE – Cambridge Assessment International Education and offers grades Early Years (Pre-Primary) to IGCSE levels (Grades IX & X) and AS & A levels (Grades XI & XII).

FIA has been ranked as the No. 1 school in India in Integrated Learning category by Education Today, in December 2022.

The school has been recognised as one of the top 8 K-12 schools catering to student and faculty wellbeing & was conferred with a certificate as a torch bearer in the K-12 segment at the 12th edition of DIDAC India, Asia’s largest conference for international curriculum schools.


Cambridge Curriculum at Fravashi International Academy prepares students for life – helping them to stimulate curiosity and lasting passion for learning. The school’s educators are some of the best teachers of Nashik, imparting quality education to the students thereby making FIA the No. 1 school in Nashik.

It helps students to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged, ready to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world and capable of shaping a better world for the future. With the Cambridge Pathway at FIA, students build more than just a deep understanding of their subjects. They also develop higher order thinking skills so that they can apply them and build problem solving skills.

FIA is recognised as the Top School in Nashik following the Cambridge curriculum (CAIE).The school encourages an integrated approach to learning, where subjects are taught in relation to each other and not in isolation so that students grasp the holistic picture and the relationship between component parts. Moving beyond textbooks, teachers plan engaging activities for students to develop academic skills and concepts through hands-on integration catering to all kinds of learners.

At FIA, each grade has special tasks, projects and events. These projects refer to various learning resources. The curriculum’s main idea is to make sure that each child has a strong foundation in the basic skills, and focuses on application-based learning. Students have many opportunities to extend their interests through individual reports and projects, computer research, small group activities, field trips and cultural events.

We're the only school in Nashik to provide the Cambridge Early Years Program.
Early Years 1
Lower Prep
Early Years 2
Higher Prep
Early Years 3

Fravashi International Academy offers its students the coveted Cambridge Early Years Program so that their educational journey commences with a strong foundation. FIA is the 1st school in Nashik and the 2nd in Maharashtra to implement this progressive curriculum that integrates physical, cognitive, language and communication and social and emotional development. The curriculum is designed specially to meet the needs of young learners and is based on international best practice.

The journey with Cambridge Early Years ensures a smooth transition to Cambridge Primary along with holistic development where learning is beyond books.

Cambridge Primary is typically for learners from Grade I-V. The program provides a natural progression for children from primary education and prepares the students for higher education programs that lead to formal qualifications. The curriculum at Primary develops cognitive skills in subjects including English, Mathematics and Science. They address spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, reading and writing, presentation, speaking and listening. They are given many opportunities to write and present a neat piece of work. Maths is taught with emphasis on knowing and understanding basic arithmetic. The Science Curriculum is topic based and involves many practical aspects, which are not only fun but educational. In addition to this, the other subjects are introduced in these classes as topics of study.

The assessment for Primary is Cambridge Primary Checkpoint (marked by Cambridge examiners)

Lower Secondary is for learners from Grade VI-VIII. In these three years, we are fervent in our desire to give each and every student a well-rounded education in a wide range of subjects and to open their eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead of them in the world at large. Each child is assessed regularly to determine their progress and to ensure that they are succeeding in all subjects. The aim in these classes is to give every individual enough of an overview of subjects in order for an informed choice to be made when it comes to deciding what will be studied for examinations in Grade 10 and 11 and possible career choices. Tailor-made programmes can be made to suit each individual child.

The assessment for Lower Secondary is Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint (marked by Cambridge examiners)


Choose any ONE English language option
  • General English 8021(AS Level Only)
  • English Language 9093 (AS Level Only)
  • English Language 9093 (A Level = AS+A2)

Choose any ONE Branch


Engineering / Technology / Architecture

  • Physics 9702
  • Chemistry 9701
  • Mathematics 9709 (Mechanics P1, P3, P4, P6)


Health Sciences / Medicines

  • Physics 9702
  • Chemistry 9701
  • Biology 9700


Business / Commerce / Finance

  • Physics 9702
  • Chemistry 9701
  • Biology 9700


Humanities / Behavioural Science / Law

  • Sociology 9699
  • Psychology 9990
  • Economics 9708


Students may select any ONE subject from options below. Also please select the appropriate Level ( AS or A Level)

  • Mathematics 9709 (Mechanics P1, P3, P4, P6)
  • Sociology 9699 Information Technology
  • 9626 Global Perspective 9239 (AS Only)
  • Mathematics 9709 (Statistics / Finance P1, P3, P5, P6)
  • Psychology 9990
  • Economics 9708
  • Environmental Management 8291
  • Biology 9700 English Literature 9695 (AS Only)
  • Business 9609 Computer Science 9618
  • Art & Design 9479


Compulsory Subjects
  • English First Language(0500) / English Second Language (0510)
  • Mathematics
  • ICT
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
Compulsory Subjects
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Geography
  • None


Compulsory Subjects
  • English First Language(0500) / English Second Language (0510)
  • Mathematics
  • ICT
  • Business Studies
  • Accounts
Optional Subjects (Choose 1)
  • Hindi
  • French
  • English Literature*
  • Global Perspective*
  • None


Compulsory Subjects
  • English First Language(0500) / English Second Language (0510)
  • Mathematics
  • ICT
  • Business Studies
  • Sociology
Optional Subjects (Choose 1)
  • Add. Mathematics*
  • Sociology
  • Environmental Management
  • Art & Design*
  • None

Subjects marked with * require the tutors recommendation/approval


FIA is spread majestically in 13.5 acres of lush green land, amidst pure nature adjacent to the back waters of the famous Gangapur Dam of Nashik. The campus is spread across 54,600 square meters with the largest AstroTurf in the city, a Cafeteria, S.T.E.M lab, Music studio, Art studio, a Multipurpose Hall, temperature control swimming pools, cricket turf, tennis court, basketball court and a special playground for the pre-primary children. FIA is the first K-12 school in Nashik to offer a complete bouquet of sports facilities. Unmatched and unparalleled, in fact a dream school for every child. FIA certainly believes that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Best of facilities, designed with utmost care and precision, supported by a team of expert trainers in a fruitful environment has contributed to FIA being recognised as the best school with sports facilities.

All the state-of-the-art academic and co-curricular facilities provided at FIA have resulted in it being the best international school in Nashik.

‘Fravashi Aqua World’ – the Swimming Pool at FIA is Nashik’s first temperature controlled pool offered in a K-12 school with its dimensions equalling a mini-Olympic size swimming pool: 25 meters in length and 20 meters in breadth. With 3 feet at the shallow end and 13 feet at the deep end, the pool is a visual delight reflecting the clear skies and greenery surrounding it. FIA boasts of an impressive alumni of the International, National and State level swimmers.

‘Rhythm and Hues’ the exclusive art & music complex at FIA encourages the students to pursue their creative skills in order to further enrich their lives.

The biggest Astro turf of the city is housed at FIA, providing an all-weather surface for round-the-year sports training.

In Nashik city, FIA is respected as the best school with canteen facility. The Cafeteria team at FIA comprises of the school’s in-house Chefs and Cooks, providing nutritious fresh meals to the students throughout the day. The stringent quality control, high standards of hygiene, freshly cooked meals, and local procurement keeping in mind quality and local sensibilities make the FIA Cafeteria a warm place of comfort and love for all stakeholders.

With an ensuing vision in pursuit of excellence in education, FIA has incorporated STEM into the Curriculum for students from EY (Nursery) to grade X. To effectuate the comprehensive learning of Science and Maths through connecting activities and life scenarios, FIA has installed the STEM Lab with qualified educators to provide support to the students.


We boast of a highly qualified, experienced and professional teaching staff who take pleasure in helping students gain knowledge and skills and who care about what children learn.

Mrs. Manju Surendran

Director Academics

With over 25 years of rich experience in various reputed institutes from all over India, Ms. Manju has the expertise of working through different curriculums. She has also been a trainer for Principals of Cambridge Schools. Ms. Manju is an academic leader and thinker with a progressive view towards the changing exemplar of education.

  • BA, MA, B.Ed
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education Teaching for Understanding.
  • Inquiry Oriented Education- IISER by THINQ
  • Intel teach to the future trainer
  • Wipro Applying Thought in school graduation program for Enhancing Creativity in Classroom Teaching
  • CCE Master Trainer
  • ‘TEEP' cycle of teaching in classroom Trainer
  • ISTD Diploma in Training & Development
  • Content and Language integrated Learning (CLIL) - Cambridge Assessment English
  • Mentoring for Teacher Professional Development-Tata Institute of Social Science - Mumbai

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Life at FIA


Fravashi International Academy, is an innovative school that believes in the multilevel development of its students. As such various events and workshops were organised for its students that would give the students a platform to portray their talent. Various events like the MUN – Model United Nations, Annual day, Sports day, a celebration of the colours Blue, Red, Green and Yellow, Inter-house Sports Leagues and Christmas Day are celebrated each year. Also, various programs are held on some special days such as Girls’ Day, Secularism day, Yoga Day, Unity Day, Republic Day and Independence Day each year. These events are planned and implemented with a view to bring out the best in every child.

Model United Nations, also known as MUN, is an event activity in which students typically role-play delegates of the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, which is usually organized by the MUN delegates from various schools. These activities build the participants’ self-confidence to open up and speak without hesitation. Students participate at inter-school conferences and get an opportunity to meet other students participating in the conference coming from around the country and the world.


The school conducts numerous seminars from time-to-time for the students, teachers and parents on various subjects like, internet safety, social media and its adversities, effective communication, examination time and stress management, parenting strategies, teaching methodologies etc.

These workshops help to keep pace with the latest changes occurring in the particular field. The school acts as a guiding force and instils confidence thereby increasing the awareness about several topics.


FIA being an innovative school, organises various club activities with a perspective of providing high quality education by encouraging student initiatives where the students are empowered to seek a club of their choice. The clubs are dedicated to a particular cause and important issues are addressed by the students during their club activities.

The Interact club of FIA in association with the Rotary Club of Nashik operates the Interact Club at the school which comprises the student volunteers and teacher volunteers who successfully run the club throughout the academic year.

With the best teachers of Nashik as their mentors, the Interact Club students, give their best in terms of contributing to the society at large resulting in FIA’s Interact Club being a proud recipient of the ‘Best Interact Club’ award along with the ‘Always Supportive School’ award, presented by the Rotary Club of Nashik.

Rotary International has honoured FIA’s Interact Club with the ‘2021-22 Rotary Citation award’, for helping Rotary serve to change lives of people all over the world.

The Interact Club operates on 3 aspects namely the Societal Outreach, Supporting the poor and the needy with resources, and internal activities. Societal outreach is achieved through various fundraising activities like blood donation camps/ car washing during the school’s PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting), organising a Dandiya Night at the school campus in order to raise funds for supporting the Blind school in Nashik - National Federation of the Blind, Maharashtra, sending a proposal to the municipal local body for placing dustbins at strategic locations in Nashik to help in the initiative of a clean city, and such. Numerous activities like distribution of healthy food packets, food grains, stationery items to the Anganwadi schools nearby, supplying warm blankets to the needy during Winter season contribute to the second major aspect of the Interact club aiming to support the poor and the needy with resources. The Interact Club carries out various internal activities at the school - for the school, like the Green initiative where the club members teach the students of Early Years (Pre-primary) to sow seeds, harvest them, thereby encouraging them to take care of the environment, the club members identify the support staff working at the school who are not literate and run a literacy club for them on a weekly basis.

The Literary club at FIA has a Literary Secretary appointed through the student council body of the school. The student led quarterly magazine of FIA ‘Frontier’ is completely curated by the students’ editorial team, comprising students from grade IX to XII. Apart from the Frontier, the open book library concept, the book appreciation event, Shakespeare’s one act plays, Elocution competitions are some of the initiatives of the Literary club.

The school supports independent clubs for the senior students from IGCSE and A-Levels where the clubs are formed based on their interest. The school allows students to organise and run clubs such as the film club, the book reading club and the business enterprise club, to name a few.


In recognition of the ongoing commitment to excellence, Fravashi International Academy, has been commemorated with numerous awards, making it one of the Best International School in India.

FIA has been awarded by Mid Day, Education World, Education Today, Chitkara University, The Economic Times, The White Swan and Brands Academy, to name a few on various parameters.

These awards are a salute to the school’s unwavering commitment to outstanding performance. The school constantly endeavours to raise its banner of excellence by every recognition that it acquires.

Tie-ups and Affiliations

Fravashi International Academy Is an Authorized Centre for Various Tests for Cambridge Admissions Like

  1. Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT)
  2. Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Admissions Assessment (ASNCAA).
  3. Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Admissions Assessment (AMESAA)
  4. Economics Admissions Assessment (ECAA)
  5. Engineering Admissions Assessment (ENGAA)
  6. English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT)
  7. Geography Admissions Assessment (GAA)
  8. History Admissions Assessment (HAA)
  9. Human, Social and Political Sciences Admissions
    Assessment (HSPSAA)
  10. Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment (NSAA)
  11. Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Admissions (PBSAA)

Fravashi International Academy Is an Authorized Centre for Various Other Tests for University of Oxford Admissions Like

  1. Classics Admissions Test (CAT)
  2. English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT)
  3. History Aptitude Test (HAT)
  4. Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT)
  5. Modern Languages Admissions Test (MLAT)
  6. Oriental Languages Aptitude Test (OLAT)
  7. Philosophy Test; Physics Aptitude Test (PAT)
  8. Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)
  9. Thinking Skills Assessment: Section 1 (TSA S1) Centre Code 63198

Fravashi International Academy is the first school in Nashik and among the firsts in India to have adopted the progressive Cambridge Early Years Curriculum. The curriculum is holistic and balanced whilst engaging students in a play - way method. The learning is child - centric and focuses on building learner's skills and confidence in key developmental areas.

There are three stages in the curriculum - Early Years 1, Early Years 2 and Early Years 3, made in collaboration with the learning and developmental milestones. The learning is designed to promote progression in learning from EY1 to EY3 and onward into primary education. It enables development of knowledge, understanding and skill through a spiral approach: by revisiting and engaging with topics and skills at deeper levels and in different contexts across the stages.

The curriculum content is split into six subject areas: communications, language and literacy, creative expressions, mathematics, personal, social and emotional development and physical development.

MOS is yet another feather in FIA`s cap and enables the school to tap the full features and functionality of the Microsoft Office System, resulting in heightened levels of individual performance, confidence and differentiation.

MOS promotes success in the classroom for FIA students and instructors, builds individual distinction, and prepares the students for an increasingly competitive global workforce.

Tie up with Google India for Flagship Education Program, CS First that introduces programming and computer science. Over the years, Programming and Computer Science has evolved and become one of the strongest means of solving real-life problems and imparting computational thinking in kids at an early age.

FIA has collaborated with Google India for the flagship education program, CS First that is designed to introduce programming and computer science to students in a collaborative and creative environment.

It has been built on the pillars of imparting computational thinking and making the kids ready for the future through 21st-century skills.

A proud member of National Digital Library of India maintained by IIT, Kharagpur. This has given the students and tutors access to more than 7 lakh books in 70 languages along with 33000 question papers from 23 resources.

FIA has tied up with IIT Bombay for its Knowledge Partner Spoken Tutorial Program which allows students to access various computing and IT applications via an easy audio-visual tutorial prepared by IIT Bombay matching with the Cambridge curriculum. FIA is the only school in the country to be awarded the Host School Status in partnership with IIT Bombay For National Level Mathematics Teacher’s Professional Development Program.Tutors from across the globe are welcome to participate in it.

Fravashi International Academy is also an authorized test centre for ASSET TALENT SEARCH Examination & YLE (Young Learners English Program)

Centre Code 63198 FIA is a test centre for college board authorized to conduct standardized tests which are prime essentials for college admissions in the United States & Canada.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) SAT Subject Tests Preliminary SAT (PSAT)

National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) AP – The Aadvanced Placement Program

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