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The school conducts numerous seminars from time-to-time for the students, teachers and parents on various subjects like, internet safety, social media and its adversities, effective communication, examination time and stress management, parenting strategies, teaching methodologies etc.
These workshops help to keep pace with the latest changes occurring in the particular field. The school acts as a guiding force and instils confidence thereby increasing the awareness about several topics.



For the past 11 years, Fravashi International School has been successfully conducting the Nashik Model United Nations (NMUN).The MUN, a student-led, managed, and operated initiative, offers a forum for students to act as ambassadors representing various nations and participate in discussions on international issues, simulating the operations of the United Nations.

The appointment of the first female Secretariat General, which is a monument to the inclusivity and empowerment fostered by this project, shows that the FIA NMUN has been a resounding success.With more than 400 participants, FIA NMUN has established itself as a transformative programme for the students of Fravashi International Academy. The long-standing success of this program is a testament to its impact on the personal and intellectual growth of the students involved.

Unity Leagues

The Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Unity Leagues at Fravashi International Academy, entirely organized by students from Grades IX to XII, has been a significant influence on the academy’s budding sportsmen since its initiation in 2013. The event features a variety of sports, including cricket, basketball, swimming, athletics, chess, and soccer. Players are auctioned, creating an atmosphere buzzing with enthusiasm. This annual event not only showcases the students’ athletic talents but also highlights their organizational skills, fostering a spirit of teamwork and competition. The Unity Leagues have become a much-anticipated highlight of the school year, inspiring young athletes to strive for excellence and camaraderie.


Srujan, the most awaited inter-school fest in the city, is a celebration of literature, creativity, and the power of words. Hosted at Fravashi International Academy, this event features an exciting lineup of intra-school and inter-school activities designed to engage and inspire students. The Literary Fest kicks off with a DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) session, inviting everyone, including parents and staff, to immerse themselves in the joy of reading.There are numerous inter-school competitions where students from Grade I to A levels will showcase their talents and compete with peers from other institutions. Srujan – the literary fest is designed to enhance academic skills while fostering creativity, teamwork, and self-confidence.

Student Led Conference and Educational Array

Fravashi International Academy’s Student-Led Conference empowers students across all grades to collaboratively develop integrated projects on a broad theme. Encouraged to identify sub-topics aligned with personal interests, students work collaboratively to collect, research, and reference data. The culmination is presented during “The Student-Led Conference” for the Educational Array, showcasing the students’ ability to assimilate knowledge from various subjects into cohesive, collaborative projects. This approach not only nurtures teamwork and research skills but also instils a sense of ownership as students present their integrated projects, embodying the school’s commitment to holistic education.


Special assemblies and celebrations at our school enrich the educational experience by marking theme-based days and festivals. These events cover a wide range of important and practical topics, providing students with valuable knowledge and skills. For instance, assemblies on cyber safety educate students on how to navigate the internet responsibly and protect their personal information. Sessions on booking rail tickets teach practical skills for independent travel, while discussions on the importance of Aadhaar cards highlight the significance of this essential identification document in India. Additionally, the school organizes activities that focus on simple yet effective life skills, such as time management, financial literacy, and basic first aid. These diverse and engaging programs not only enhance academic learning but also prepare students for real-world challenges, fostering a well-rounded development.

Sports Day

The Annual Sports Day at Fravashi International Academy is a highly anticipated event that embodies the spirit of athleticism and teamwork central to our institution’s values. The event is meticulously planned to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their sporting talents and competitive spirit.

Students participate in a wide range of sports activities, including track and field events, team sports, and individual competitions. The day begins with a grand parade and the ceremonial lighting of the torch, symbolizing the start of the games. Each event is carefully organized by our dedicated sports faculty, ensuring that every participant can perform at their best. Students are actively involved in the preparations, from setting up equipment to creating motivational banners, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation.

Annual Day

The Annual Day celebration at Fravashi International Academy is a much-anticipated event that beautifully encapsulates our institution’s ethos and values. Every year, the theme provided by our Chairman reflects the core principles that guide our educational philosophy.

The event showcases a variety of performances including drama, dance, talk shows, and debates, all meticulously choreographed and directed by our skilled tutors. Students are deeply involved, not only performing but also creating props, sets, and backdrops, which fosters a sense of ownership and creativity. Costumes for the performances are tailor-made to fit the theme, adding a professional and cohesive aesthetic to the presentations.

A special highlight of the event is the Fravashi Interactive Academy’s (FIA), choir ‘Encore unlimited’ where students showcase their musical talents through soulful singing and playing instruments. This segment is a testament to the diverse talents nurtured at our academy.

Interact Club

The FIA Interact Club collaborates and spreads change by sharing its activities with K–12 educational institutions. It holds good touch, bad touch workshops to educate children about appropriate boundaries, consent, and reporting abuse. It arranges games to interact with other schools and encourage healthy competition; stationery drives to gather and give out necessary school materials to disadvantaged pupils. The construction of libraries in anganwadi schools raises awareness of the value of a top-notch education. Participation in preparing meals for nearby schools shows a dedication to meeting nutritional needs. It sponsors artistic competitions where competitors make rangolis with socially conscious themes.

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