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Cambridge Pathway at FIA

Cambridge Pathway is for students aged 2.5 to 19. Its wide range of subjects and flexibility gives schools the chance to shape the curriculum so that it is exciting and relevant for their own students. 

Cambridge Pathway students have the chance to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to achieve at school, university and beyond.

The five stages lead seamlessly from primary to secondary and pre-university years. Each stage – Cambridge Early YearsCambridge PrimaryCambridge Lower SecondaryCambridge Upper Secondary and Cambridge Advanced – builds on the learners’ development from the previous one, but can also be offered separately.

Early Years

Fravashi International Academy is proudly recognized as one of the country's first Cambridge Early Years…


At Fravashi International Academy, we embark learners on an exciting educational journey through our Cambridge…

Cambridge Lower Secondary

At Fravashi International Academy, our Cambridge Lower Secondary program sets our students apart, catering to…

Cambridge Upper Secondary

At Fravashi International Academy, our Cambridge Upper Secondary program is designed for learners aged 14…

Cambridge Advanced Levels

Fravashi International Academy stands out as the premier institution for students pursuing AS and A…



Reading App and Program


  • At Fravashi International Academy, we prioritize developing a lifelong reading habit among our students from EY 1 to Grade III through India’s first comprehensive learning platform for children aged 3-12. The Freadom app is an innovative tool designed to strengthen English reading, speaking, and conversation skills. It nurtures your child's will and skill to read, offering a rich array of exciting activity packs, stories from top authors and publishers, and monthly challenges. With progress trackers to monitor development, the app serves as the perfect English learning companion for thousands of primary schoolers. By integrating the Freadom app into our curriculum, FIA ensures that students not only keep up with their reading levels but also develop a deep, enduring love for reading. This holistic approach supports our mission to cultivate proficient and enthusiastic readers, setting a strong foundation for their academic and personal growth.
Reading App and Program

Light sail

  • At Fravashi International Academy, our futuristic approach to education prioritizes the reading experience, recognizing its importance in student development. Our advanced platform, LightSail, begins by administering a benchmark assessment to each student, establishing a baseline for their reading journey. This system continuously evaluates comprehension and Lexile® growth through embedded vocabulary cloze items, reassessing each student's reading level every 15 days.
  • Based on these assessments, LightSail personalizes each student's library, offering over 10,000 Lexiled, authentic, diverse, and high-interest fiction and nonfiction titles in both English and Spanish. The platform includes more than 40,000 US-educator developed, standards-aligned question items embedded within the books to deepen understanding.
  • Each student gains access to an extensive e-book library valued at $110,000, featuring 4,500 titles from the award-winning Rosen Publishing Group, 1,600 Antares Reading™ leveled readers, 3,500 curated LightSail and public domain classics, and 13,000 human-narrated audiobook classics. To accommodate various budget needs, alternate content and license options are available. Additionally, the integrated e-Bookstore allows for the purchase or rental of thousands of award-winning contemporary fiction and nonfiction titles from leading publishers.
  • This dynamic system fosters literacy skills and a love for reading by balancing Power Texts within the Zone of Proximal Development with free reading time, ensuring students are both challenged and engaged.
Coding Platform

Code Monkey

  • At Fravashi International Academy, we provide our students with a robust exposure to coding languages from Grade I to VIII. Utilizing the award-winning online platform Code Monkey, we teach children real coding languages such as CoffeeScript and Python. CodeMonkey offers an engaging, game-like environment where students learn both block-based and text-based coding. CodeMonkey does not require prior coding experience, making it accessible for all learners. Through its intuitive and interactive approach, students gradually build their coding skills, starting with simple concepts and advancing to more complex programming tasks. This progression ensures a comprehensive understanding of coding fundamentals and problem-solving techniques.
  • Our curriculum integrates CodeMonkey to foster logical thinking, creativity, and digital literacy. By introducing coding at an early age, we equip our students with essential skills for the future, preparing them for advanced technological learning and careers in STEM fields.
College Board


  • Fravashi International Academy serves as the official College Board Center for SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) for Nashik, offering students in the region access to this globally recognized standardized test. Administered by the College Board, the SAT exam is conducted across India, spanning major cities and all Indian states. Presently, there are 99 SAT exam centers in India, situated in over 25 cities, facilitating access to the exam for aspiring students.
  • The SAT exam, typically taken after the 12th standard, provides an opportunity for students to showcase their academic abilities and readiness for higher education. While there is no age limit for taking the SAT, the majority of test-takers are between 17 and 19 years old. Fravashi International Academy is proud to be a part of this global academic journey, supporting students in achieving their educational goals and aspirations.
Competitive Exams

Competitive Exams

  • Fravashi International Academy offers a diverse range of competitive exams aimed at nurturing students' intellectual and academic prowess. These exams include the International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) and the International English Olympiad (IEO), catering to students from grades I to XII.
  • Additionally, students can participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), National Science Olympiad (NSO), and Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO) among others, covering subjects such as mathematics, science, and computer science.
  • FIA also hosts specialized competitions like the International Commerce Olympiad and the International Chemistry Quiz, providing avenues for students to showcase their skills in specific areas of interest. Moreover, the academy encourages participation in initiatives promoting environmental awareness and sustainability, such as The Environment Quiz. Through these competitive exams and programs, FIA empowers students to excel academically, develop critical thinking abilities, and foster a spirit of healthy competition.
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment


  • Fravashi International Academy is proud to offer its students the esteemed Cambridge English Language Assessments, administered by Cambridge English, a department of the renowned University of Cambridge in the UK. These assessments, recognized worldwide, provide a comprehensive range of certificates for both learners and educators of English. Conducted by the British Council, these examinations offer students an integrated language learning experience tailored to their language proficiency and developmental requirements.
  • By undertaking Cambridge English Language Assessments, students at FIA enhance their language skills across listening, speaking, reading, and writing domains, ensuring a well-rounded linguistic development. These exams are structured at various levels of competency to suit different age groups and proficiency levels. For younger learners, there are the 'Young Learners English Tests (YLE),' including STARTERS for Grade II, MOVERS for Grade III, and FLYERS for Grade IV. Meanwhile, senior levels encompass assessments such as the Key English Test (KET) for Grades V & VI, Preliminary English Test (PET) for Grades VII to X, and the First Certificate in English (FCE) for Grades XI & XII, also known as the Cambridge Advanced Examination.
Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

  • Fravashi International Academy is committed to equipping students of Grade VII with essential life skills, preparing them for both their academic journeys and lifelong learning. Recognizing the wonders of Science and Math, we integrate Open Door’s Critical Thinking Program into our curriculum. This engages students with a variety of open-ended, hypothetical questions and quizzes, encouraging them to think in unprecedented ways.
  • 'Critical Thinking' Program—is designed to enhance cognitive skills and is developed in partnership with IIT Gandhinagar which empowers teachers to foster critical thinking skills in students, ensuring they are prepared for both academic success and practical life challenges.
Global Jigyasa

Global Jigyasa

  • Fravashi International Academy believes that general knowledge goes beyond the mere retention of information; it is about making learning relevant and meaningful to students' lives. To support this philosophy, we offer the "Empowering GK with Global Jigyasa " authored by Anansh Prasad that is aligned with the NEP 2020 guidelines. This resource transforms general knowledge into an engaging and applicable subject, encouraging students to connect what they learn with the world around them. By integrating this book into our curriculum, we aim to cultivate critical thinking, curiosity, and a global perspective in our students, ensuring that their education is not only about accumulating facts but also about understanding and applying knowledge in real-life contexts.
Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

  • Fravashi International Academy believes that in a rapidly changing world, financial literacy is one of the most valuable skills we can impart to the younger generation. Data from the Reserve Bank of India highlights a significant disparity in financial knowledge among adults, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive financial education in schools. To prepare students for future financial challenges, it is essential to establish a solid foundation in financial literacy.This approach not only enhances their understanding of financial concepts but also equips them with practical skills to make informed decisions throughout their lives.
After School Program


  • At Fravashi International Academy, we are dedicated to nurturing the diverse talents and skills of our students through our expert After School Program (ASA).
  • We offer a wide range of specialized coaching programs designed to help children hone their abilities and pursue their passions. Our offerings include dance and music, with instrument lessons in guitar, Casio keyboard, and drums, fostering both creativity and musical proficiency.
  • To enhance language competency, we provide focused language programs that equip students with effective communication skills. For those inclined towards sports, we offer comprehensive coaching in cricket and football, promoting physical fitness and teamwork.
  • By participating in these expertly designed programs, students can develop their skills in a supportive and enriching environment, ensuring they achieve excellence in their chosen fields.

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