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The Advance Reading App - Light sail

At Fravashi International Academy, our futuristic approach to education prioritizes the reading experience, recognizing its importance in student development. Our advanced platform, LightSail, begins by administering a benchmark assessment to each student, establishing a baseline for their reading journey. This system continuously evaluates comprehension and Lexile® growth through embedded vocabulary cloze items, reassessing each student’s reading level every 15 days.

Based on these assessments, LightSail personalizes each student’s library, offering over 10,000 Lexiled, authentic, diverse, and high-interest fiction and nonfiction titles in both English and Spanish. The platform includes more than 40,000 US-educator developed, standards-aligned question items embedded within the books to deepen understanding.

Each student gains access to an extensive e-book library valued at $110,000, featuring 4,500 titles from the award-winning Rosen Publishing Group, 1,600 Antares Reading™ leveled readers, 3,500 curated LightSail and public domain classics, and 13,000 human-narrated audiobook classics. To accommodate various budget needs, alternate content and license options are available.

Additionally, the integrated e-Bookstore allows for the purchase or rental of thousands of award-winning contemporary fiction and nonfiction titles from leading publishers.
This dynamic system fosters literacy skills and a love for reading by balancing Power Texts within the Zone of Proximal Development with free reading time, ensuring students are both challenged and engaged.