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In less than 15 years since its inception, FIA has produced meritorious students at all levels of its curriculum. Each student is encouraged to participate at the school, national as well as international level, for academic and non-academic competitions. This plan of action has resulted in students shining year after year in internal as well as external examinations with excellent results. The school also holds the privilege of having national and international toppers under CAIE in a list of various subjects. The students have broken all records by securing 9A* and by being declared national and international toppers in various subjects.

Since sports is an integral part of FIA’s education system, students under the able guidance of dedicated coaches, have made their presence felt in sports by winning laurels at the city, state, national and international levels in various different sports.


Adhiraj Shinde

Sanskruti Meher

Akash Ugale

Adityanarayan Samant

Vedank Bodke

Saee Lele

Harshvardhan Shelke Patil

Vedank Bodke

Jay Hinge

Mansi Shah

Puneet Mulay

Shaniah Quadras

Gaurav Lagad

B.Tech Fibres & Textiles Technology
The Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), Mumbai

Fravashi International Academy is extremely special to me as I have been associated with the school since the time it was born. I have had the best teachers at my school fondly called FIA , who were so caring and gave personal attention to every student. The CIE curriculum along.

Bachelor of Management Studies
Podar College Mumbai

Like every other school, even my school has made me grow as a knowledgeable person. But what makes it special than other schools is the atmosphere in which the students are groomed. Along with good knowledge FIA has helped me grow as a human being.

Mechanical Engineering
K.K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Nashik.

My name is Mr. Akash S.Ugale, an ex-student at FIA. Engineering was only possible for me because of the base which the tutors of FIA created for me. This might be just the perfect school for your child that not only focuses on academics but also motivates the non academic activities...

Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering
Purdue University,USA

I would like to thank everyone from FIA who put in tremendous amount of efforts into shaping me in what I am today. I am what I am, today, because I had the right amount of guidance and counseling for 4 long years.

Chemical Engineering
Wisconsin Madison USA

This level of personalised teaching in a city like Nashik was truly God gifted and allowed me to excel in academics. FIA also exposed me to the sport of shooting and supported me throughout my shooting career in all ways.

Business Administration, with a major in Marketing Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana

Unlike other schools in the city, FIA gives its students the liberty of expression and encourages students to think for themselves. It is sneak peek in to the real world but with the safety net of familiarity and the comfort of having someone to guide you all the time.

Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology. Pune

When it comes to Fravashi, only thing which comes in my mind is a Stage of Great Opportunities. The school has always given me opportunities in Sports, Academics and Co-curricular activities. Fravashi has helped me shape my Character, my Personality.

Business Administration
Northeastern Boston University, USA

Looking around at other students, I see something different between them and me. I would say well, its the fact that they all seem home sick. After four years at the FIA boarding house, home sickness never really dawned upon us. This helped me settle down in the US for my further studies.

Economics University of Texas Arlington, USA

My leadership skills developed from the myriad opportunities which I was provided with. My conduct and character were shaped by the teachers who guided me. Today, as I prepare for university, I employ all these lessons to prove myself as an inquisitive scientist of my academic discipline.

/ IPCC B.Y.K. College of Commerce Nasik

No matter which stage I reach, no matter who I become, I can never forget my FIA family. I thank FIA from bottom of my heart for giving such cherished memories. And last but not the least I wish Fravashi International Academy may continue enriching children’s lives for centuries to come.

Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)
University of Pune

FIA also has an amazing infrastructure for sports, and the squash room was where I spent most of my sports hours. So not only has FIA given me a strong academic background, but it has also developed in me the desire to remain perfectly fit at all times.

B.A. Psychology
Sophia College, Mumbai

FIA has transformed me, from that shy little wallflower to this dynamic and confident person. It has provided me with innumerable opportunities to challenge me and change me for the better. As, the former head-girl, I’ve really blossomed under FIA’s wing.

IT VIT Vellore Placed in Amazon

I entered in Fravashi International Academy in 7th standard. I was one of the students who switched from pure Marathi medium school to a pure English medium school. It was altogether different medium for me. I was guided by each and everyone with utmost care.


Success is not reached in a single leap but in a series of determined steps. The Cambridge Curriculum at Fravashi International Academy prepares students for life – helping them to stimulate curiosity and lasting passion for learning. Here are some of the Universities where our students are placed.

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