The R. S. Luth Education Trust

Mr. Ratanshaw Sorabjee Luth had a vision of imparting education to students with love and care, providing every opportunity for a holistic development. Supported by this vision, the R. S. Luth Education Trust was established in 1978

Currently, the trust is spearheaded by the dynamic Chairman, Mr. Ratan Luth. The basic goal of the trust is to shape the beautiful years of a child’s education into a joyous experience and make them responsible global citizens.

To further this goal, Fravashi Academy came into existence in 1982. It boasts of producing meritorious students each year from Nursery to Grade 12th. It follows the ICSE curriculum from Nursery to Grade 10th, and HSC curriculum for Std. 11th and 12th.

The Nasik Police Public School was established in the year 2008 and is affiliated with Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education. The school provides education to students from Grades I to V.

The Inception of Fravashi International Academy

Fravashi International Academy is a school, founded by the R. S. Luth Education Trust, under the Chairmanship of the visionary, Mr. Ratan Luth in the year 2006. The school follows the Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE) and offers grades from Nursery to IGCSE levels (Grade IX and X) and AS & A levels (Grade XI and XII).It has a sprawling campus of 11.5 acres equipped with various infrastructural facilities.


Our Trustees

MR. Ratan Luth

Chairman, R. S. Luth Education Trust

Mr. Ratan Luth, from a very young age, chalked out his own destiny and has been successfully forging ahead in all his endeavours. Today, with his dynamic and innovative personality, Mr. Luth spearheads an era of unprecedented glory as the Chairman of R. S. Luth Education Trust. His deep understanding and love for children, immense exposure to various fields along with sound knowledge in the field of education has enabled him to create an educational culture that is unique and spellbinding, all at once.


Mrs. Sharvari Luth

Vice Chairperson, R. S. Luth Education Trust

As the Vice-Chairperson of the R. S. Luth Education Trust, Nashik, Mrs. Sharvari Luth has been fully devoted to the educational field by being a forerunner along with the Chairman, Mr. Ratan Luth. Being an Architect by qualification and an Artist by profession, she has played a pivotal role in creating the Art and Design curriculum at Fravashi International Academy. She has also been an initiator and implementer of the various pre-primary section innovations in all the schools under the trust, right from designing of the curriculum, selection of teachers, teacher training and personality development, student counselling as well as parent counselling.

She has always been a strong pillar of professional and emotional support to the entire team of Fravashi International Academy and is a firm believer in the saying – “Great companies and teams are those that celebrate the differences. They seek harmony, not uniformity. They hire talent, not colour. They strive for oneness, not sameness.” She has been a team builder and a very strong support, in incorporating a successful organizational culture at Fravashi International Academy.

Ms. Meghna Bakshi

Managing Trustee, R. S. Luth Education Trust

Ms. Meghna Bakshi, the Managing Trustee of Fravashi International Academy is a young, charming and multi-faceted personality, who plays a pivotal role in the smooth running of the institution. She has been with Fravashi International Academy right from its inception. Her meticulous ways and superb management skills have been very instrumental in ensuring the smooth functioning of the school.

“Teamwork has its own arithmetic. Combine two or more people with a common goal and suddenly one-plus-one is more than two.” The team of Fravashi International Academy is a fine example of the same. With our school now on the national and international map as a reputed day school in India, it is imperative to live up to the highly disciplined standards of academic administration. With the teaching and learning systems being upgraded even more, and with the absolute dedication and hard work by both the tutors and the students, FIA has reached greater heights of excellence.

Mr. Sachin Pathak

Trustee, R. S. Luth Education Trust

Mr. Sachin Pathak, the trustee of R.S.Luth Education Trust. is an expert in the finance and accounts field. With his calm and quiet demeanour and profound expertise, his sincere, dedicated and balanced approach, he is one of the strongest pillars of FIA

“Accountability can have a powerful practical value to achieve our goals and overcome problems or issues. Being accountable takes a tremendous amount of character, courage and honesty. It definitely goes a long way in helping to create true and genuine personalities. The one who is a strong believer in accountability need not demand respect and trust, but he automatically and rightfully commands it.”

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